Instagram Courses

Instagram is currently the most POWERFUL social media platform to promote your business. Whether you are selling services or products, you CAN create revenue without spending advertising dollars.
My 2 Online Courses, Hashtag Like a Pro, How to Get Paying Customers with a Targeted Hashtag Strategy and Instagram Growth Hacking, Your Guide to Mastering Instagram are a cost effective way for you to learn everything that I know and all the tools and hacks that I implement on Instagram.
        The 5 areas we cover in Hashtag Like a Pro:
                    How to find targeted hashtags in your niche
                         The Easiest Way to Save Hashtag Groups.
                         What is Shadowbanning and How to Avoid
                             How to Use Hashtags in Stories
                             How to Add Hashtags in Your Captions
                        Special BONUS- Over 1,000 hand curated hashtags covering Fashion,
                        Food and Drink, Travel, Motivational Quotes, Real Estate,  Business
                        and other industries.    
Course Overview

If you're looking for a more comprehensive course that will guide you through everything you need to create dynamic content both on your feed as well as through your Stories, attract the right targeted followers and grow your following by up to and BEYOND 1,000 new REAL followers EVERY month, then you definitely want to grab up Instagram Growth Hacking, Your Guide to Mastering Instagram!

Instagram Growth Hacking contains 30 videos that I believe will give you the most comprehensive approach to Instagram that is currently available. There are some surprising areas on Instagram that even seasoned Instagrammers are missing!!! I share it all with you here in this course!

                                   In Instagram Growth Hacking  you will learn:

How to optimize your bio- There are many areas on your bio  that you can improve for both the searches and to draw more attention to your feed.
Tips and tools for photo and video- Everything from preparing for your photoshoot to resources and editing tools. Also cover lighting and cameras to create amazing video and images.
How to increase engagement- Here we really start getting into the meat of it with creating compelling captions, how to curate almost unlimited targeted hashtags, engagement strategies, IGTV, Stories tips and hacks and so much more!
How to turbocharge your following and engagement- Here you find out my secret sauce to really accelerating your following with REAL targeted followers. If you want to attract over 1,000 new followers every month, here is where I show you how to achieve this.
Also share more of the tools I use as well as how to plan out your posts and add "links" into your images if you want to sell products.
Influencer marketing, brand outreach and monetization-We talk about what really is an influencer and how to prepare yourself as well as brand outreach. How to monetize your brand, creating and developing email lists and a list of influencer agencies. We also touch on GDPR.
Bonus Video- Tutorial on how to create Instagram ads.