13 Tips for Crafting Killer Instagram Stories to Attract New Followers and Engagement

Stories are becoming wildly popular on Instagram. People are not just viewing your Stories and moving on. If you create Stories that are engaging, your audience will also interact with you. Stories are also great for driving traffic to your main feed and other content off Instagram.

There are so many ways to create dynamic content that will inspire people to take action.

Here are 13 tips for crafting amazing Instagram Stories to attract new followers and engagement.

1. Vary your content. Have a mix of videos and images. See what converts better for you. Always check your Insights!!

2. Create videos on your Stories and layer them. I use this hack often. Add an image or background to your Story, layer it with whatever text you want, select a gif and save to your camera roll as a video. You must use a gif to save as a video!! It will be approximately 5 seconds. I like to make them longer so that people can spend more time viewing my content. So, download the app InShot and add your video 3 times into InShot and save to your camera roll.You can also add images to your video in InShot!

Delete the old video you made on your Story and add the new 15 second video you created into your Story. You can then add music and hashtags if you'd like. Don't add the hashtags into the original 5 second video as they will not be searchable!!

3. Use the questions sticker- Ask questions that you know will draw a response. Great way to get feedback or just start a conversation. You can even share the answers on your Stories. It will not show the name of the responder.

4. Use Ripl App to create intros for your Stories or showcase products. You can create fabulous slideshows and videos or still images with Ripl App. Pricing starts out at $9.99 per month.

5. Entertain and Inform. Don't self promote in every Story! It's okay to have at least 1-2 promotional Stories if you are producing at least 8 to 10 Stories per day. Don't overload your Stories with sales content or people will tune out!

6. Layer Your Stories with Emojis and Gifs. You don't want to go crazy with them, but they can energize your Stories. Show your personality!!

7. Use the music sticker to add music to your Stories. I don't add it to every Story and you want to space the music out among your Stories. I minimize the music sticker and move it to a corner so it's barely visible on my Story so not to detract from the visuals.

8. Use this hack to direct people to your post without 10,000 followers. Want to direct people to your feed from your Story but don't have 10,000 followers. Guess what, you can do it with a hack you may not be aware of!! Tap into the post you want to promote, then tap the airplane icon and tap "add post to your story". The image will pop up in your Story and you can either enlarge or leave it as is. The background will adapt to compliment the image. Make sure to add a "call to action" telling them to tap on the image. Your user name will pop up and they can tap into your profile!! Add a gif or 2 or an emoji to make it stand out!

9. Add hashtags and Geotags in your Stories. Search the hashtags to check for their popularity. I would select ones under 500,000 posts but more than 5.000. Add multiple hashtags. You can use them to help tell your story or minimize them and move them down to the bottom corner of your Story.