7 Tips and Tricks for Instagram Stories Highlights

As you're probably aware, Instagram allows you only one link on your profile. So, if you have other websites, social media platforms or landing pages you want to direct people to, Stories Highlights allows you an opportunity to share these.

With Instagram Stories, your content vanishes in 24 hours unless you archive it. Highlights allows you to share and repurpose your Stories content and allow it to remain on your profile page until you remove it!! It also makes your profile more "sticky". The more time people spend on your feed and profile, the more likely they are to follow and engage with you!

Here are 7 tips and tricks to leverage your stories and create amazing Instagram Stories Highlights:

Categorize Your Stories

Think of your Stories Highlights like tabs of a website. Create categories and add your top Instagram Stories to them.

Create Custom Covers

You can even customize the cover for your Highlight thumbnails to create a more visual pop on your profile. There are several easy ways to create clean covers or thumbnails. For the ones above, I used a Canva background and their icons.

If you want to create the covers with your cell phone, a great app to use is Phonto. You can add your image from your camera roll and add it to a background on Phonto. If you want a transparent image like I used for my covers, you can google, for example, "social media icons transparent backgrounds". Select and save to your camera roll and add to the Phonto app. Phonto also allows you to turn images into transparencies. This removes the background color behind the image.

Add Products or Services

Are you a brand that sells a product or service? This is a great opportunity to share them right on your profile page. If you have over 10,000 followers, you can add links to your stories. Make sure to do this before adding to your Highlights.

When adding a website link, enter it into your original story. If you are not able to, you can add a non-clickable website url or your social media handle.

Promote Your Blog

If you want to send more traffic to your blog, create stories that will generate interest for your blog and latest blog post. Save these to your Stories Hightlights. If you aren't able to add links in your Stories, with linktr.ee, you can direct them to the link in your bio and they'll be able to click into your main link to find your post link.

Promote Giveaways

Are you running a giveaway? Make sure to Highlight your giveaway and always include a call-to-action!!!