11 Ways to Optimize Your Bio- How to Attract More Followers and Monetize on Instagram

Did you know that when someone views your Instagram bio, you have less than a second to capture their attention. So, it makes sense that you would want to optimize it for people to spend more time on your bio and hopefully be so impressed and inspired that they will want to take action by liking your content and hopefully becoming a client or customer.

There are some very easy actions you can take now to insure that your profile is both visually appealing and fully optimized to get you results.

Here are 11 ways to optimize your bio:

1. Username - If you are unsure about your current username or just starting your Instagram account, I recommend that you use a consistent username throughout your Social Media platforms. If your name is taken on Instagram, you can use a variation of the name with perhaps an underscore. My username is @dede_watson on both Twitter and Instagram. Your username actually appears in your Instagram url.

2. Profile Name- Your username and name are the only 2 areas on Instagram that are searchable. So, you can vary your name to add a keyword that people might find you under. My name is Dede Watson Instagram Expert.

3. Profile Photo- Use a high resolution image and periodically update your photo.

4. Business Account- If you're a business or personal brand and want to grow your business, you must have an Instagram business profile. You can change to a business profile in Settings. There are many benefits to having a business account. You can add your contact info on your profile, receive valuable insights or analytics, promote your posts and add a link to your Stories when you reach 10,000 followers!!

5. Business Category- Make sure to optimize this area as it will further give people more information about what you do.

6. Contact Options- You don't have to include your phone number, but definitely add your contact email to your profile. Not everyone will contact you via dm as well as many messages get buried within all the spam in dms. Also, it's much more professional to have your contact email available.

7. Bio Description- The next area you want to focus on is your bio description. You only have 150 characters, so be sure to make the most of it. I prefer a vertical looking bio, as I feel it's easier to read and is more visually appealing on mobile. Your bio will appear in horizontal format on desktop. Make sure to add your tagline. Who you are should be CLEARLY stated on your bio. You can add a touch of personal so that people connect with you emotionally as well.

8. Emojis- These will spice up your bio and add a touch of your personality. You can also add them in place of bullet points.

9. Vertical Layout- Create your bio vertically. It's easier to scan all your information and is more pleasing to the eye.

10. Link in your bio- Technically, you can only add one link in your bio. However with Linktre.ee, you can add multiple links. How this works is that you add a customized Linktree link in your bio and it directs people to a page with all your links. If you have your own personal blog, sell products or services, or want to direct people to multiple links. It might be perfect for you. Their basic service is free and for $6 per month you can customize your link page as well as receive analytics on how your links perform and schedule them to go live. So, let's say you have a blog post scheduled for tomorrow, you can also add the link to Linktree and schedule it to coordinate with your upcoming post.