How to Make Money With Your Instagram Posts- 3 Ways to Create Shoppable Posts on Your Feed and Stori

If you've been on Instagram for awhile and still struggling to convert your time and effort into sales, it can definitely present some challenges. For those of you who have physical products to sell and feel no one is taking action on your posts, there are tools to drive people to a point of sale page directly from your bio link and posts. So, do you have a product to sell? Then, I've got some great ways you can start to monetize your feed immediately.

The common perception is that there are only 2 ways to send direct traffic from Instagram: the link in your bio and from the link in your Stories. The later may not apply to you as it requires that you have over 10,000 followers. You can also direct people to your products through Later's Linkinbio, Planoly's ShopLink and Instagram's Shoppable Posts. You can combine both Later or Planoly's shoppable galleries with Instagram's Shoppable Posts for maximum benefit! With both Linkinbio and ShopLink, you can also direct traffic to individual blog posts.

Let's start with Later's Linkinbio. With, you can now add links to any of the Instagram posts you’ve published through Later, which helps direct your Instagram audience to the right content or products on your site. You can also link to multiple websites and pages, all without changing the link in your bio. The price is fairly reasonable as for $19 per month, you get the Linkinbio feature in addition to Later's other features such as their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram post scheduler.

Planoly's ShopLink takes this a step further. Your Instagram feed is re-created on your personalized ShopLink gallery with direct links to your e-commerce site. You can then add products to your catalog .

Click on any post you want to tag. Once selected, you will be able to click on any spot in the picture to tag a product. Select the product you want to link and click “add”. You can also Tag the picture to redirect to a link instead. The price is a bit costlier than Later's at $40, but you have more flexibility and options to promote your products. This is especially important if you have multiple products or if your brand is extremely visual.

You can actually create taggagble posts within your Instagram feed and Stories with Shopping for Instagram.. Add up to 5 tags per post or 20 within a carousel. For Stories, you're allowed 1 product sticker per Story.

When someone taps a product tag on your post or a product sticker in your story, they'll be taken to a product description page where they will see:

  • An image of the product from your post

  • A description of the product

  • How much the product costs

  • A link that takes them directly to your website, where they can purchase the product

You can get really creative by tagging a single image or adding additional images in a carousel post and mixing with video.

In order to set this up, you must create your shopping catalog on your Facebook Business Manager or add a shop section to your Facebook business page. There are some restrictions as far as markets where it's available and products that are acceptable to create your catalog. Digital products and services are not currently supported with this platform. Here's the setup guide to get you started.