How This One Quick Change Can Immediately Increase Your Instagram Engagement

Recently, I worked with a client who has been struggling to make money with her business as well as monetize her efforts on Instagram. Within just a few minutes, I made a list of things she could implement to improve her brand's image and increase engagement in less than 30 minutes!

I always do an Instagram audit before I speak to someone because there are so many components that are essential to get sustainable results. It's important to have the basics in place before we get started with the heavy lifting.

The one area that we tend to neglect on Instagram is our bio. It's understandable, because we get very involved with creating content that we overlook the basic essential components to build a solid foundation.

I created a video that briefly explains a few quick details you can work on to improve engagement and draw more people to your feed! The following video was created for my Instagram feed so there are some areas that I omitted.

A few more tips for optimizing your bio:

  1. If you offer products and services, make sure you are a business account. It's important to add a way for people to contact you via email or phone. Also, with a business account, you can check your post insights or analytics.

  2. Make sure to keep your profile image updated in addition to the other areas in your bio and that the image is high resolution.

  3. Include a Call to Action, or CTA, at the end of your bio. Let people know to go to your download or offer.

  4. Add a branded hashtag for people to follow. Make it unique! Put in a pun or two, if you want.

  5. Select your business category under "edit profile".

Remember, you only have a few seconds to grab people's attention through your bio, so make it short, sweet, and memorable!

Have you done an Instagram audit lately to see if you need to update your bio?

If you'd like to find out more about how you can create amazing content, have fun doing so and generate income for your business through Instagram, watch this video and head over to my page where I share with you what you'll learn to enable YOU to start turning your time on Instagram into paying customers and clients!

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