Instagram's Close Friends List- How To Create One And Ideas For Using It

In November 2018, Instagram rolled out a new feature that allows Instagrammers to share content in Stories to a close circle of friends It's great if you mix your personal and business on one account, but even better for creating special content for business. More on this later!

So how do we create a Close Friends list on Instagram?

#1 Go to the top of your Instagram profile page and tap the 3 bars on the right.

#2 Tap Close Friends

#3 Select the Instagram accounts you would like to add. They give you suggestions based on how much they engage with you, or you can search to add your own. Once you have finished adding your friends to the list, just tap "done". You can remove them at anytime, by accessing your Close Friends list. As of right now, you can only create one list, but I expect Instagram will be eventually change this.

Now let's share some content in Stories with your Close Friends list.

Tap the camera icon at the top left of your feed. Either snap something live or access your camera roll and add an image or video. When you're ready to post, simply tap "send to" at the bottom right of the screen, as you would normally do. Then select "Close Friends" only. You can also just tap the small green circle at the bottom of your Story. as you see below.

Once you post, it will show up in your Stories with a green Close Friends sticker.

Here are a few ideas for using your Close Friends List for your business.

Separate Friends From Business Stories- If you are using the same account for business and personal, you might want to segment your Stories between your friends and business targets. Create a Close Friends list for either your personal or business.

Client lists- Let's say you are a coach or consultant. You can segment them into a list and send out content that is relevant to them.

Exclusive deals- Maybe you have specific friends and followers you want to be a part of an exclusive offer or discount.

Memberships- Do you have a membership based service that you want to distribute content, such as tutorials, informational content to them only. You can also communicate with them to inform them of blog posts, upcoming events. They are much more likely to see your message here than through an email, since email open rates are usually not very high.

What do you think about the Instagram's Close Friends list? Would love to know if you're using it and if you have other ideas how to leverage the list to benefit your followers and business.