3 Must Have Instagram Stories Apps to Wow Your Followers

There are always new apps being created to attract Instagram Stories users. I'm constantly testing apps to see which ones that I can use and recommend to my community and clients. What I look for are ease of use, low cost and ones that offer the most impact on Stories.

I've been experimenting with a few apps that I think you will absolutely LOVE! One thing that really draws attention to Stories is to layer them. Some of the ways you can layer are with cool font, emojis, gifs, images and transparencies. I also love using filters to make my Stories more interesting and stand out. So, there's lots of ways to draw people to your Stories.

So, let's talk about a few of the apps that I've been experimenting with. One of my favorite and most versatile is Over App- App Store- Google Play. Over has over 10,000 templates and fonts as well as amazing stock video and photography. Video attracts attention, so make sure that you are adding lots of it into your Stories. I do have all the bells and whistles Over offers and have a yearly subscription for $99.99. You can pay monthly at 14.99.

The most recent feature I've been using on Over is their transparency feature. You can create some incredible designs and images using this feature. Brand yourself through Stories not only with their fabulous transparencies but also add your own logo transparency by copying it from your camera roll and pasting it to your Stories. How cool is that?

Layering your Stories is fun and draws attention to them. Below is a screenshot of a Story video I created with Over App, Fonts For Instagram, Instagram Stories confetti gif and the Clips app to record my voice.

Since you are very limited with the font selections in Stories, currently only 5 available, having other options makes your Stories stand out from other creators! I purchased the premium package on Fonts For Instagram for $4.99. It's well worth the money. You simply select your font there, type your message and copy and paste it into your Stories. You can edit the color directly in your Stories by tapping on the font and selecting your color.

Wasn't able to locate the link to Fonts for Instagram, but you can find it easily in the App Store. Just look for the screenshot below.

Clips is only available on iPhone. What I love about it is that you can record your voice on a video and add a text box for your caption. The only downside is that I haven't found a way to create the video in the Clips App that scales for Stories with text there. They also have posters and a Scenes feature where you can add your image or vide