3 Free Incredible Video Editing Apps to Make You look a Pro on Instagram

Are you frustrated with trying to edit your Instagram videos? Well, I was too. Confession time! I have a great digital media specialist that works with me at Turn It Social, creating most of our graphics and videos. However, there are times that I want to create small videos and need to edit my clients' clips myself.

I'm sharing with you my own personal favorite video editing apps that I use daily. Here are my top 3:

Square Fit

Trying to fit a video into a square can be super confusing. Instagram now supports both landscape and portrait size videos, however, you might not get all the elements of your video within the frame without using an app. You have 3 sizes with Square Fit; You can use the video in it's entirety or scale down to a square frame. Square Fit also offers a ton of other free features such as blurring the sides of the video, adding frames, fonts and filters. Available on IOS and Android.


1. Filters- Over 30 free filters, ideal for enhancing your photos and posting.

2. Layout- Move, rotate, scale the photo with snapping to center or edges of the canvas either turned on or off.

3. Beautiful backgrounds- You can go with a classic white background, use your image or a blurred version of it as it's own background, or select from thousands of colors with our color selector, or use one of the pattern backgrounds.

4. Borders- Give your image a border to make it stand out. You can keep it simple with a square, or experiment with heart, circle, many pointed stars and more.

5.Text captions- Add beautiful text to your photos with many fonts and styles.

Add Music to Video

Love this app for adding music. You can also edit you video frames as well. I couldn't find a link for it, so you'll have to search under "Add Music to Video". Look for the logo that's on the image above. There are several versions and some are not free. Available on IOS.


1. Add background music to videos. 2. Record Your Own Voice Over Video. 3. Edit Video: Trim & Cut frame by frame. Remove any unwanted part of your video. 4. Edit Audio: Trim, Fade-in, Fade-out & Loop options. 5. Huge Collection of Awesome Music Tracks. 6. Volume Control For Audios. 7. Video Mute/UnMute.

8. Make slideshow with your videos.

9. Very easy to use.


FilmoraGo is an amazingly powerful video editor application. It packs in a ton of features not normally available on phone apps. I have more experience with Add Music to Video App, but starting to think this might become my number one go to app for video editing.

The main application is free, but they have some cool upgrades that are up to &1.99. FilmoraGo is available on IOS and Android.


1. One click amazingness- Awesome template and effects with a touch.

2. Add music from FilmoraGo’s library of licensed songs.

3. Use music from your own device.

4. Record your voice for lip syncing or voiceover.

5. PIP: Add picture-in-picture in your video and make creative works.

6. Optimize video’s Brightness, Contrast & Saturation.

7. Play in reverse: create reverse video that looks like a magic trick.

8. Overlays & Filters: surprise your friends with sensational movie effects created from your videos and photos

9. Elements: take your video to the next level by adding impressive Still and Motion Graphics

There are so many apps today for video editing and as the demand for video grows over the next few years, many more will pop up. I try 3-5 new apps per week, but I generally look for 1 or 2 that will complete all my tasks for a specific purpose such as video editing. Would love to hear which ones you find helpful for editing your Instagram videos. What are your go-to-apps for video editing? Tag me on Instagram @DedeAWatson with your videos!