5 Tips for Marketers to Spice Up Their Instagram Feed

How you reach your present and potential new Instagram followers depends on your brand. For marketers, you want to build trust and of course keep them coming back to your feed with great content to ENGAGE!

Here are 5 tips for marketers that will definitely help you to get more eyeballs interested in your Instagram feed.

☑️Vary your content- 5-7 day plan- 1 quote, 1 video, 2 personal pics, 1 with tips that will solve a problem, 1 post to draw them to new blog content, 1 marketing promotion. Posting more than once a day is okay if you have good content. ☑️Consistency and quality DO matter! Posting on a regular basis is important and will increase the momentum over time. However, don't feel pressured to post if you have a day without content. How does your feed appear to others? ☑️Add an emoji or 2 to the description to show your personality or mood‼️💻💯

☑️ Boomerangs are easy to create and people love them! ☑️Repurpose your best Instagram Stories. Save your best stories to use later.

Create great content and engage with your followers as well as new people you want to connect with. It's not just about how many followers you have. It's also important to nurture the relationships with them.

Try this for 30 days and watch how fast your Instagram engagement and following will grow!!