Is Switching to an Instagram Business Profile Right For You?

I've switched back and forth over the past year more than a few times between my Instagram business and personal profile. I started to believe that my engagement and following had been affected by having a business profile.

There is a lot of speculation that Instagram tries to "persuade" you to advertise by limiting engagement for Business Profiles. I'm not sure that it is currently a big issue.

So, should you or shouldn't you have a business profile? My advice to you is that if you are just wanting to connect with friends and share your personal photos, my answer is NO.

Are you wanting to take your business to that next level for advertising and brand awareness? Are you a personal or lifestyle brand wanting to promote yourself, connect with people or be an influencer? If yes to any of these, then the answer is a huge YES!!

I feel that there are big benefits for making that switch from a personal to business profile! Instagram has added some very nice features to Business Profiles to make it more enticing to business owners and brands!

Here are some benefits of having a business profile:

There are more ways to contact you.

You can add a contact email and your phone number. They can call you directly from Instagram.

Instagram Analytics

Learn more about your followers and the people interacting with you by age, gender and location.

Instagram Page Insights

You can track weekly Impressions, Reach and Profile Visits as well as how many people have clicked on your website link. You can also see what times during the day your followers engage with your Business Profile. This is helpful in determining what times you should post new content on your feed.

Business Insights- To access your Business Insights, tap the 4 bars at the top right corner of your Business Profile. There you can get a general view of how people are interacting with your Business Profile.

Post Insights- To access your Post Insights, tap the image that you'd like to view for Insights and select "View Insights". If it's a promoted post, there will be an arrow and you can then select whether you want to view the promoted insights or the original.

Story Insights- To access Story Insights, tap "Seen by" at the bottom left of your story. From there you can view how people interact with your story. It can help you develop stronger content by knowing how and what people are most engaged with.

You can add a link to your Stories.

With your Instagram Business account, if you have more than 10,000 followers, you can add a link to your stories. Great way to drive people to a blog post, promotion, or product. When you add a story with a link to your highlights, it stays there until you remove the story from highlights!

You can run ads and promoted posts.