Tips and Hacks for Creating the Color Palette for Your Brand

Before that you begin designing your logo or website, I would recommend that you determine what your primary colors or color palette will be for your brand.

What colors do you think will best represent your brand and which do others use in your niche? It's also important that you feel comfortable with the colors you select, since you will be using them in your logo, website design and on social media.

You don't have to necessarily use the same colors as others in your niche, but many times people identify with industries based on color. For example, breast cancer associations tend to use the color pink. Financial institutions lean towards colors such as green, gold and blue. The colors green and gold represent wealth. Blue gives us the feeling of trust and is also a calming color. Over two thirds of industry- leading logos contain the color blue.

Now, you will ask, how many colors should I use? The optimal answer would be 3 colors: 2 primary colors and 1 accent color. There is no hard fast rule, but it's best to keep it simple and clean; not exceeding 5 colors!

There are a lot of websites that will help you chose a color palette for your brand such as Coolors and Colorhexa. Pinterest is also a great place to get ideas for colors schemes. Just go to the search area and type in a color. Another idea is to go to Lowes and take home some paint swatches! You'll have something tangible to keep on your desk or vision board. Take some time to really think about how the colors define your brand and if you will be comfortable with them 1- 2 years from now. Will they work for you as your brand grows??

I touched very briefly on the psychology of colors, but next, I will be diving deeper into what colors say about your brand and how people respond to them.

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