It saddens me to see people who are struggling with Social Media and feel that they just can't make it work for them. Spending hours daily and getting little to no results becomes tiresome and demoralizing. Don't despair!! You CAN achieve results and it's easier than you think!


If you have a business today, Social Media is an essential component of growing your business. Instagram in particular can become one of the best sources of traffic to your website and can help you gain brand recognition, clients and customers.

Now, I'm not saying that getting results is EASY!! What I'm  saying is that it's easier than you probably are currently thinking if you've been struggling for awhile. It could be simply a few tweaks and new tools in your toolbox that will help you start seeing the results that you are seeking.

I don't want you to take my word for all the amazing ways you can promote yourself through Instagram and grow your business!!


Here's someone that has learned the wonderful power of Instagram to help build her business:

Veronica Leslie @healthdoll.co had a true desire to take her passion, education and expertise and turn it into a thriving business that could help thousands of people to improve the quality of their health. As an accredited Naturopath and Master Nutritionist, Veronica has spent the past few years educating and consulting clients she has met through Instagram. Veronica is now working with many small, medium and large brands that align with her brand.

As a Gen X, Veronica was not originally Social Media savvy:

Veronica- Having gone to college well before the social media craze , navigating the platforms of Facebook , Instagram, and the like were about as familiar to me as hieroglyphics. That was ... until I graduated Naturopathic College and set out to work for myself.  Enter marketing and advertisement.... things I knew about in theory and had even studied  ... but had no idea how to execute via social media.   I also parted with my fair share of money in the process as well.

The turning point that really helped Veronica start really monetizing her Instagram account and gaining attention:

I came across DeDe’s Instagram account and quickly noted its consistently increasing growth.It was partially due to this and other accounts I saw growing that I knew she managed, that I took another leap of good faith and tried her course, Instagram Growth Hacking- Your Guide to Mastering Instagram. After just a couple posts using her strategy I noticed the likes and insights on my post grow drastically. As in nearly double all previous activity !

I’m now working with multiple brands (some of them household names) and sponsored by several others. In addition my website (which is linked to my Instagram) is also getting much more traffic. I’ve increased my number of patients by over 30% and am getting presented with new Instagram offers on a weekly basis. Dede hasn’t just increased my followers and engagement  ... she’s given me a whole new gusto to live my brand for the benefit of others .... AND get paid for it!

One of the most powerful statements from Veronica about Instagram:

While I did start Instagram to direct traffic to my website as a Naturopath and advertise my services to potential patients , I’m actually reconfiguring my business model as my Instagram is really truly becoming an enterprise in its own right!

Veronica is just one of many who have taken control of her business and using strategies she's learned from Instagram Growth Hacking to propel her Instagram following, engagement and best of all, her income!

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